What’s it gonna be about?

At this moment about 98% of visitors quit this page immediately. I am not surprised. One blog entry can not much attention. But if you are in remaining 2% stay a bit longer to see what’s my background and about what I would like to write here.

I currently work on implementing some parts of Scrum software development process, particularly testing and quality assurance in tuenti.com, probably the biggest social network in Spain. Before I’ve been holding PM position in one of Polish outsourcing companies, kreolabs.com. I am also a bit involved in some open source projects, but I do not work on any on regular basis. And I’m often pissed off about tons of things about software development: the process, people management, architecture, code quality, implementing Dilbert stories. If you want to read about my thoughts about it come back soon. I’ll have lot of fun but also I’ll read about interesting problems I am fighting with and solutions of some of them.

See you soon.

Author: Wojciech Szela

CSM, Consultant, Manager, Entrepreneur and Open Source Contributor. Scrum and eXtreme Programming practitioner. Evangelist of healthy work environment, high quality products, people development and team work.