Taking the lead of Zend_Chart component proposal

Recently I took the lead of preparing Zend_Chart component proposal. The goal of Zend_Chart component is to provide flexible solution for drawing charts as a part of Zend Framework. It will support wide range of chart types as well as number of output types – regular images, SVG etc. Proposal development progress can be monitored at official Zend_Chart component proposal page. There is also unofficial wiki and repository for brainstorming. If you would like to help in component development and get access to brainstorming area please drop me a message. Up to date contact details are on Zend_Chart proposal page.

Author: Wojciech Szela

CSM, Consultant, Manager, Entrepreneur and Open Source Contributor. Scrum and eXtreme Programming practitioner. Evangelist of healthy work environment, high quality products, people development and team work.