It’s alive, it’s alive…

frankenstein-1931-its-alive-its-aliveDo you remember this famous quote from Frankenstein (1931) directed by James Whale? If not rent a DVD and hear hysterical scream of Henry Frankenstein, who has realised that the monster is moving. I feel pretty the same. My blog is back alive.

I’ve stopped working on my site about year and a half ago, mostly due to problems I had with CMS I used to use. Finally I’ve managed to devote some of my spare time to write my own tiny blog engine (yes, I plan to develop it and add all missing features of typical blogs). Why do I need a blog and why you may read it? Well, I think you’ll be interested in my thought about web based software development, project management and my other professional activities. I had a chance to work on few interesting projects and meet even more interesting people and I would like to share experience and knowledge I have. So, please come back soon and see if my judgement of myself is good or not. And forgive my my English – it’s not my mother tongue.

See you soon


P.S. Looking for a CMS? Stay away from Joomla. I still run one website based on Joomla. It’s my daily dose of pure pain.