Zend Framework University

Few days ago I have launched a news & community website for Zend Framework developers – Zend Framework University. The goals is to create a community of PHP and Zend Framework developers helping each other, sharing their experiences and publishing news, tutorials and other articles about the framework.

If you ask why I have decided to create such page my answer is short and simple. Because there is no such website. I develop in Zend Framework since it’s early days, first official announcement and whenever I am looking for something about particular component my first step is manual, of course. And in most cases I don’t find answers there.

One might say that the manual should be better, but I can not fully agree. Manual is good enough to familiarize with Zend Framework and it’s components. If you want to dig into details, you won’t find much in the manual. Basically Zend Framework is top huge and too flexible to describe everything in the manual and keep it up to date.

Fortunately there are many interesting articles on the internet, very often published by author of particular component. I’ve found this, and browsing the source code, the best way to learn many interesting tricks about the framework. To share this knowledge, I’ve made Zend Framework University website.

The idea is to make it a community website, having not only one author. So if you think your have decent knowledge of Zend Framework and you would like to write something from time to time, join the community and contact with me to get Publisher privileges. Let’s promote Zend Framework together!